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One thing that every hunter knows is, to be fully prepared on the field, you must have a reliable hunting knife. An all-rounder hunting knife serves more than one purpose, and you’ll be surprised to see how much you use it. When on camping or hunting, there might come any situation where your life could depend on this knife; that is why it’s essential to select a good quality knife.

A hunting knife can also be used in self-defense from wild animals that may attack you and also gives you the ability to skin and process most types of animals. There is a variety of knives to serve specific purposes. Whether you’re a beginner or professional hunter, before packing the essentials for a hunting venture, make sure you devote a reasonable amount of time in choosing the best hunting knife that caters to all of your needs.

Hunting is not just about getting the animal; it’s about how you survive in the wild. Cleaning a fish, dressing animals, and cutting rope for tents are part of your hunting venture. So your hunting trip is a whole bunch of many tasks for which you will require many types of hunting knives.

Choosing the best hunting knife that serves a maximum of your purposes could be a tricky task. You should select wisely the type of knife that you’re going to trust during your hunting venture. To help you with this, we’ve presented a review of our top five picks. Have a look before you make your purchase.

Top Picks: Best Hunting Knife Reviews


Morakniv Companion Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife


Gerber Gator Premium Knife


Ontario Rat 5 Survival Knife


Helle Knives – Eggen – Triple Laminated Stainless Steel


Outdoor Edge Razor-Pro Double-Blade Folding Knife


Morakniv Companion Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife

Survivalists and ardent hunters know Morakniv for being a famous European brand with one of the best reputations in the knife sector. The blade on Morakniv Companion is crafted from good quality 12C27 steel. The Sandvik blade is quite thick with a Scandanavian grind that comprises a short bevel leaving extra steel to support the spine. What we loved the most is due to this feature, you won’t have to worry about the knife cracking or breaking while in use.

It sports a heavy bellied handle with a rubber grip. In simple words, you’ll get a good and comfortable grip even if your hands are wet. After examining closely, you will notice that handle is designed with patterned, high friction grip that gives you extra control and enough safety. The companion is designed, keeping in mind comfort and efficiency. The blade comes with a length of 4.1 inches and a thickness of 2.5 mm. The knife stands at a length of 8.7 inches and a weight of 4.1 ounces.

morakniv companion fixed blade outdoor knife

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  • The blade allows the easy sharpening.
  • It is lightweight and has a sheath for extra control and mobility.
  • The belt clip on the sheath for carrying.
  • Comfortable grip.


  • Some users may have to apply more effort due to the short blade.

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Gerber Gator Premium Knife

The Gator comes with a durable rubberized grip that gives a comfortable and secure hold even if hands are wet. It’s a full tang knife that means the blade metal extends all the way through the grip. The Gerber Gator Premium is a stout knife and heftier than the original version. The blade is made up of S30V steel, which is really hard, and it’s going to take a long time for this knife to get dull. This knife fits in hands beautifully due to its polished rear pommel and front bolster.

If you want a more durable knife with a full tang, this should be your choice. You can use it for large camp projects that require lots of cutting, or for field dressing. If you want a premium knife made out of the finest steel and best manufacturing, The Gerber Gator Premium should be your choice. It’s a quality knife, and you will notice this once you hold it in your hands.

gerber gator premium knife

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  • Rubberized grip for a better hold even in wet or sweaty hands.
  • Made up of a premium grade of S30V stainless steel.
  • The belt loop is given on sheath for easy carrying.


  • If you ever have to resharpen it, it’s going to take a lot of time and sound sharpening systems.

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Ontario Rat 5 Survival Knife

The knife features a 5 inch blade made up of 1095 carbon steel. The blade comes with a non-reflective black phosphate coat to prevent rust and corrosion and a textured notched thumb rest for a more secure grip. Another great feature of the knife that Ontario refers to as skull crusher pommel could be used in several tasks such as glass breaking or hammering. The flat grind and deep belly make it suitable for a survival knife. The knife has a good grip due to the pointed tip and ergonomic handle.

The blade in Ontario Rat 5 is easy to sharpen and is ideal for slicing and dicing functions. This is a top-rated and affordable survival knife that you can use for hiking or camping or any other thing that takes you to the wilds. The overall weight of the knife is 11.5 ounces. For more toughness, it has a micarta handle and a glass breaker tip.

ontario rat 5 survival knife

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  • The knife is really affordable.
  • The blade is tough and sharp.
  • Comes with a textured handle to provide a more secure grip.
  • The blade is easy to sharpen.


  • The knife is not foldable.
  • The blade is comparatively thin.

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Helle Knives – Eggen – Triple Laminated Stainless Steel

The Folkniven is a small multipurpose knife that has several uses. The blade is made up of Sandvik 12C27 steel. The Curly Birch handle, and a simple leather sheath makes it perfect for everyday chores. The knife handle is made from good quality material that fits easily with your hand. The triple laminated stainless steel blade makes it different from other knives in the market. The core is designed for high alloy steel that gives it a razor-sharp edge. These layers protect the blade from corrosion and breakage.

The steel Helle used in its knife is quite expensive than other knives, but it goes with Helle’s policy of never compromising with quality.

The Folkniven is designed to withstand the stress and strains of when used in the wilds. It comes with a sturdy leather sheath that is easy, and smooth making it perfect for two washers and belt carry.

Best hunting knife on amazon

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  • It comes with a drop point tip.
  • The sheath is genuinely crafted with very durable leather.
  • The handle shape is consistent with the blade.


  • Couldn’t find any.

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Outdoor Edge Razor-Pro Double-Blade Folding Knife

The Razor Pro is a combination of a 3.5-inch replaceable surgical steel blade with a steel zipper blade. This makes field dressing tasks significantly more manageable. The oxide-coated blade holder gives full support to the replaceable blade compared to the other knives in the market. The blade is very sharp that allows you to perform many tasks at the hunting site. The zipper blade is designed to prevent damage to any internal organ when you’re dressing a big animal.

The blade holder sports a serrated thumb rest for more control and quick one-hand opening when you want to use it. You get a secure grip with the TPR handle while using the knife. The knife comes with a nylon sheath and 6 replacement blades. If you’re looking for a versatile and easy maintaining knife that can cater to a variety of outdoor activities, The Razor Pro should be the one for you.

outdoor edge razor-pro double-blade folding knife

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  • The Razor Pro could be used in various hunting tasks.
  • The serrated thumb rest provides maximum control while holding the knife.


  • The quality of the replacement blade is not up to the mark.

To Sum Up

Choosing the right hunting knife can make a massive difference to your hunting experience. It can make you lucky enough to bag whatever you want to. You should consider a few things while looking for a specific style of knife. Make the purpose clear in your mind that for what you’re going to use the knife.

This is vital because you cannot use the same knife on a deer as you would on a squirrel. Although if you’re experienced and skilled in hunting, you might be able to cut open almost any game with a sharp hunting knife, still we’d say an optimal choice is a must.

You can consider whether you want to go for a fixed blade or folding knives. Though we’d say, fixed blades are always going to be more sturdy, especially when you’re working through cartilage or bone. Also, fixed blades are easy to clean.

You should get a survival knife while in the wilds because there are hundreds of people getting lost each year while hunting. It becomes worse after the dark. You should have your trusty knife with you to perform anything that might come in your way. We hope we were able to eliminate your confusion to some extent through this review. These were our top 5 picks that have impressed us.

Buying Guide For Hunting Knives

No hunter can take the risk of going into the wild without a trusted hunting knife. It is the most crucial gear one could carry to the hunting venture. From skinning an animal to cutting up its meat you’re going to need a hunting knife for every small or big task. Not only you can use it for dressing a big game, but also a hunting knife can act as a self-defense tool in times of need. With the advancements, hunters now can choose between a varieties of hunting knives. And if you’re serious about hunting, understanding the different types and selecting the best hunting knife can make a huge difference to your hunting.

What are the Different Types of Hunting Knives?

  • Camp Knife –

    It is a multifunctional tool that is designed to do almost any task. The basic design sports a large drop point knife that can be used not just in hunting tasks but also for various other applications.

  • Bowie Knife –

    This knife is sharp on both sides at the tip. It means you can cut in any direction. Experienced hunters prefer bowie knife over anything else because they can do almost anything with it. You can easily pierce and cut open through anything with a sharp double edge. Also, it is considered to be the best for self-defense.

  • Boning Knife –

    As the name itself says it is used to remove meat from the bones. The boning knife is very slim that can go between the spaces of bones and get maximum meat out of it.

  • Caping Knife –

    You must be familiar with the fact that some hunters hang their hunts as trophies. They do this with the help of a caping knife, slicing in such a way that the neck is kept intact. It’s sharp as a scalpel.

  • Buck Knife –

    This was invented by the Buck family and gets its name from there. It’s a folding knife that can be used for sudden dangers.

How To Choose The Best Hunting Knife?

  1. What is the Purpose of Knife?

    The primary thing to consider is what reason you need the knife for? If you want it for some specific purpose like skinning an animal then you must go for specialty knives. On the other hand, if you want a multipurpose knife, buying a specialty knife won’t help. Optimize your options by choosing a design suiting to the task it’s intended to perform.

  2. Fixed Blades or Folding Blades?

    However, survival knives are generally fixed, but for hunting knives, you can go both ways depending on your preference.

    Fixed blade knives give more ruggedness and reliability. If you want your knife for heavy-duty work, go for fixed blades. Also, fixed blades are easier to clean. A fixed blade knife serves as the best tool for self-defense.

    Folding knives comes to use when you want it for general-purpose hunting tasks. You can find these knives in two styles – pocketknives and lock backs. The smaller size makes it easier to carry while hunting. If you want your knife to help you with one-hand opening, go for folding blades.

  3. Knife Blade Design

    Most of the hunting knives sport three main blade designs: clip point, drop point or skinning. If you’re going to hunt a big game go for a drop-point hunting knife. This way you’ll get a thick, curved blade that is stronger than any other type. The drop point is said to be best for skinning purposes as you get to use the whole edge and not just point.

    If you’re seeking a knife that you can use for several purposes along with hunting then your match should be a clip point knife. The blade is thinner, flatter with a more well-defined point.

    Skinning knives are specifically made to cater to the need of skinning any medium to large game. The sweeping blade efficiently separates the flesh from the skin, saving a lot of time.

  4. Does Size Matters?

    Once you’ve made your mind about the type you want, you should choose size keeping in mind the type of game you usually hunt, and how often you are going to use it. Many believe the bigger the size, the better the performance which is not completely true.

    Bigger hunting knives are best for big games and small hunting knives are best for smaller games. If you’re going for a medium-sized game such as deer, go for a 4- or 5-inch blade knife. While hunting smaller games such as rabbits or squirrels, you can use a 3 or 3.5-inch-long blade.

  5. Which Blade Material to Go for?

    The steel in a blade highly affects the performance on the field, hence it’s important to choose it wisely. If you want more sharpness, go for S30V steel which is also rust and wear-resistant.

    VG-10 is stainless steel having lengthy edge retention and corrosion resistance.

    154CM is the same class as VG-10 having high wear-resistance and a thinner blade. This material is more ideal for smaller knives.

    420HC is not as hard as other materials on the list but is highly corrosion-resistant. This makes it easy to sharpen.

  6. Whether or Not to Go for Gut Hooks?

    Gut hooks are designed to safely and quickly cut open the skin without damaging the internal organs of an animal. Though, it has a few drawbacks.

    • It is tougher to sharpen but needs to be sharpened to perform effectively.
    • When you’re not using the gut hook while cutting an animal, it might come in the way and hook what you don’t want to hook.
  7. Hand Guard

    Another thing to consider while buying a hunting knife is the handguard. Things can get slippery and messy while dressing an animal. A nice guard will prevent your hands from slipping down to the blade and giving yourself a serious wound.

  8. Non-Slip/ Ergonomic Handle

    An ergonomic handle is an essential feature to look for that is found in almost every hunting knife. You won’t want an uncomfortable handle that keeps slipping. A non-slippery handle is added to the hunting knives to make the dressing game easier.

  9. Hunting Knife Sheath

    Though it is an optional feature to consider while buying a hunting knife. If you’re buying folding knives, the sheath is not mandatory with them. But fixed blade knives should be carried in a sheath for a safe carry. Most recommended hunting knife sheaths are made up of leather or Kydex that are weather-resistant.

The Final Words

Buying the perfect hunting knife in today’s competitive market could be tricky. Many years ago, it was easier, but now many advancements and variations available you could get a bit lost. Choosing a hunting knife depends more on personal preference than anything else. But by incorporating the points discussed above, you can be much more sure that you’ve made the right decision.

Once you’ve narrowed down your choices based on your needs, the last thing you should give a thought to is quality. There’s no point in buying a cheap quality hunting knife just because you were saving a few dollars. We’ve put together this buying guide to clear doubts in your mind and to give you maximum information, and now you are ready to make your smart purchase.

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