Bowhunting: 10 Ways to Success!

Bowhunting is a sport for some, a hobby for some but an adventure for all. Hunters dream to hunt big and better with their bows in an old-fashioned way and not use guns and rifles. If you are someone starting new in this journey, here are some ten quick tips for you to get the successful hunt you desire. Follow these, and you will surely succeed and do much better than other beginners.

  1. Practice:

    The very first tip is nothing but practice. Make your aim, posture, stance, and technique so good that you are ready to take the area whenever you go out to shoot. Hunting is an expensive activity, and you should make the most out of it from the first arrow. Again, proper training would be best.

  2. Maintain the Bow:

    Your one faithful companion on the hunt is your bow and arrow. They need to be taken care of at all times, and you should take the necessary safety measures to ensure that. It is highly recommended that you double wrap your bow. You can take the Hard bow case of the bow, gut it completely to take all the foam out, and then place the bow in it with a different thinner case. The double casing is considered best for bow protection.

  3. Pack smartly:

    Packing is one of those things that might excite you before the hunt, but if not done right, the entire hunt would be tiresome from carrying all that luggage. Be smart, pack light. Many experienced hunters advise that you should take fewer items when on an adventure hunt. Basic clothes, hunting clothes, and rain gear are more than enough.

    Anything you don’t wear, you would have to carry, and that’s just extra weight on your shoulders. Don’t tire yourself out throughout the trip with just heavy lifting.

  4. Psst! Here’s a bonus tip – You can use socks are mini bags too. Store more minor stuff in so that you do not have to carry separate fanny packs or duffle bags for these items. Bow gear can also be stored because the sock will act as a cousin in guarding the equipment.

  5. Keep a satellite phone:

    Hunting on mountains, forests, and any area for that matter means that you would be quite far from the urban area. Catching a network in these times is quite challenging, and often you won’t get a signal. This is the first trigger of worrying and anxiety for various hunters. This is why you should have a satellite phone with you so that you can at least keep in touch with your family during delays and, of course, the hunting guide as well.

    This is a precautionary device that is a must-have. Keep yourself and your family out of tension, and then only you would successfully have a great hunt.

  6. Always be stocked with ammo:

    Ammo is something that you should carry more. Get a lot of arrows because you never know when you might need more in emergencies. Prioritize your arrows at all times and make every single shot count. During the learning years, you sometimes miss too, so that extra ammo would come in handy.

    However, as unpredictable as nature is, carrying extra ammo is nothing but safety at its best for you. Arrows do not take a lot of space, and you can bring two sets of them in soft and hard cases. Make sure you have enough broadheads to match the arrows. Do not assemble them from the beginning but rather when you reach your final spot of stay.

  7. Go odorless:

    Bowhunting isn’t like rifle hunting, where you have an 8x scope to shoot from. You need to be close to the target for a successful hit, at least in your beginner years. Animals have a strong sense of smell, and you do not want to miss an opportunity just because the deer smelled your ‘Smokey long lasting’ perfume. This is why you should get odorless scents and fragrances to spray on to defuse any type of smell that you might emit.

    There are even scent-free soaps for you to take a bath from. If the trip is longer than usual, washing clothes is necessary; wash them with baking soda to remove all the smell. You have to be extra careful on the hunt day and avoid contact with any typical odor that might give your cover away.

  8. Keep your snacks at hand:

    A successful hunt can only result when you are performing in your best condition. Hunting is a tedious task, and the entire adventure of a couple of days could truly drain you down. You must understand the importance of snacks. Not proper meals, but snacks. Small doses of nutrition that would keep your appetite and energy full.

    An adventure is full of unexpected turns and twists, and if you by chance stay longer than planned, you would need that extra snacking to run through the day. Pack them and keep them apart from the meals. Keeping yourself energized would surely end up in a successful and joyous hunt.

  9. Know what you hunt:

    Knowing the opponent is what leads to victory. You need to be thoroughly well-versed with your targets in an area where nature has the upper hand, and the territory isn’t yours. Their sites, lifestyle, habits, routes, and other details should be known.

    The more you know, the better. Their movement and body language could be an essential key to getting the right shot. This is something that would need practice, and it is recommended that you visit zoos before the hunt to stack up against your knowledge and watch your target up close.

  10. Windy:

    Winds play a crucial role during any hunt. Arrows are light in weight and can be easily manipulated by winds. You must know the direction and strength of the wind currents so that you do not miss even some of the obvious shots. There are wind meters that you can carry or simply keep a plant or a feather with you, which can dictate the same. Stay put during strong gusts and wait for them to pass.

  11. Be positive:

    Carry a positive attitude at all times. Regardless of how the hunt goes, it is vital to be positive and motivated for the next one. It is nature’s playground at the end of the day, and even if you predict, practice, and plan everything right; some things might just not be in your hand. So be open to that and don’t let it affect you.

  12. Conclusion

    These were some of the most important yet ignored tips and tricks essential for a successful hunt. Performing this routine would increase the chances of your first hunt being successful to higher degrees. So, take ethical shots and give the animal a painless death. To know more about Bowhunting, visit and take your game to a whole new level!

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