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Cordless fillet knives can make your cutting so easy since they reduce the movement and take the pressure off, and you don’t have to worry about it, and your arms and fingers will feel so relaxed. Cutting meat, veggies, and fish have become easy through electric knives. There is no doubt that they can be a bit scary as they are moving and working on their own. However, there are safety features installed in them and included to protect your hands, and they offer convenience that no other knife can beat.

When looking for a cordless fillet knife, you should consider many factors, and you should pre-plan that for what purpose you will be using the knife. This article will help you find the best fillet knife for you, which is cordless and works independently. There are many brands of cordless fillet knife-

Top Picks: Best Cordless Fillet Knife Reviews

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Bubba Fillet knife With Non-Slip Grip-

Anglers usually use this electric knife, and it is ergonomically crafted to fit perfectly into your hand. This knife is a trusted game changer. The manufacturer has made it in such a perfect way by including the ironic and non-slip grip handles so you can rest your hand and have a firm grasp on the knife. There is engineered ventilation made to maximize motor.

morakniv companion fixed blade outdoor knife

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transmission output, which gives you an incredible amount of torque. This knife comes with four different blades constructed from high carbon stainless steel, and they are coated with titanium nitride on both sides that will resist corrosion. It features an eight-foot cord, trigger guard, and safety lock that provides ultimate security. There is also a premium EVA molded carrying case, which permits you to break apart the storage units for easy cleaning.

This knife is ideal for small, medium, and large size fish. It is a perfect fish for anglers. It is designed with a dual-rivet blade, which gives you a safe cut with no sound, and it is easy to clean up. The eight-foot power cord provides sufficient length to operate comfortably, and the entire kit is stored in a premium EVA zippered storage case.


  • It is a sharp knife which cuts the meat quickly.
  • Comfortable to hold the grip.
  • It has non-slip handles and pressure point tabs.


  • The blade might not work well.

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Rapala lithium ion Cordless Fillet Knife

This electric knife will work for you in every situation and circumstance. This knife will make your work fast of any filleting chore. The lithium-ion cordless knife features an advanced airflow that dampens vibration and will help you keep the motor quiet and undisturbed. It has a comfortable and relaxed grip, which will keep your hands fatigue-free. It would be best to choose a cordless electric knife for easy and quick preparation in the field.

Rapala offers you a deluxe cordless fillet knife set with two different sized reciprocating blades and a lithium-ion cordless fillet knife. It has a run time of eight minutes with no reduction in power of speed.

morakniv companion fixed blade outdoor knife

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This cordless fillet knife comes with power cords, which includes various power adapters with two blade sizes. It is a heavy-duty electric fillet knife with increased speed and power for large fish. It works on a robust and durable motor with an advanced flow design. It will make your work fast and easy. You can connect it to a trolling motor battery posts or even plug into a car for full filleting power. It comes with a set that includes both 6″ and 7-1/2 blades.

These blades are true to their size to match your filleting job. This complete kit will provide you ease. When cutting or slicing the fish, its edges make no sound and works smoothly.

The batteries are rechargeable, so you don’t have to worry even if it stops working halfway. It works in quite an efficient manner, and due to its airflow system, which is inbuilt in it, the knife remains cool.

Besides all this, it has a very relaxed grip and has a red light for the indication of charging. If the grey button is facing at the back, this ensures that the battery charges in the right position. You will be provided with a manual to read the instructions to get guided in a better way.


  • Blades are made up of stainless steel.”
  • Includes adapters for 10V AC.
  • It comes with an 18-foot power cord.
  • Comfortable to hold.


  • You might find the power switch on the handle a bit uncomfortable.

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Waring Commercial Rechargeable Electric Knife

A heavy-duty comes with separate blades and carving blades, and brushless DC motor and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack make your slicing task easy. It includes an integrated LED light, which will improve your visibility in low dim light areas. It comes with a heavy-duty carrying case so that it can be stored safely. Its ergonomic handle minimizes fatigue from extended use, and it has detachable blades, which makes cleaning easy and comfortable to remove. It has a power button that is safely interlocked, it takes significantly less time to recharge, and its battery stays for quite long.

morakniv companion fixed blade outdoor knife

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The two different blades, one is used for cutting meat, another for bread. The edges are robust and are made up of stainless steel and are 10 inches long, and can easily cut through turkey bones and even ribeye loin. The powerful lithium-ion batteries require only 30 minutes to charge and have a lock-unlock feature for safety. Its unique design of blades makes cutting and slicing through meat twice as fast as other kitchen fillets. This knife is durable and also last long.

It has an advanced airflow system for a long time, as this is the main feature to maintain its coolness. Its blade is long and is easily replaceable. It comes with rechargeable batteries. This rechargeable electric knife is an ideal knife perfect for cutting any fish size, may it be a larger fish or even a smaller one. It has two years of warranty.


  • Comes with two different cutting knives.
  • It takes less time to charge and can be used for extended use.
  • Its blades are easy to use and are long


  • You may find it is costly.

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Cuisinart Cordless Electric Knife’

This knife will give you maximum convenience, and this Cuisinart features a powerful motor and comes with two dishwasher safe stainless steel blades to make your work easy for slicing. The edges are designed to perfectly slice the meat and bread with speed and precision, while the third blade, which is the straight-edge blade, is specially designed for cutting fruits, vegetables, and fish. It comes with 7.8-volt lithium batteries, and it delivers optimum cutting performance for up to 20 minutes. It comes with a safety lock-unlock feature to prevent accidents, comes in a heavy-duty case with comfortable gripping handles, which makes storing and transporting the knife pretty easy. It has a switch, which makes it easy to open, clean, and replace the blade.

morakniv companion fixed blade outdoor knife

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The best feature weighs nothing, making it the best fishing pocket knife. It has a long edge, which has made cutting more easier. And it also has two years of warranty, its sharp blade cuts through fish and fillets them in no time. This durable knife can be used both professionally and even for the beginner who is enthusiastic about cooking.


  • It has an LED light which is integrated into it, which helps you to see even in the dark while cutting.
  • One-touch on and off button with safety sheaths.


  • It probably takes time to charge.


There are different types of electric fillet knives available in the market. It is essential to understand better which electric knife your preference is and which you should put your hands onto. If you are a professional fisherman, it would narrow your perspective and help you find the best electric fillet knife according to your species’ size’s size.

Electric fillet knives are comfortable. They are power savers and don’t have to think much while working as they are so flexible, and you are going to enjoy while using an electric fillet knife. They are chargeable, and you can replace their battery as and when required.

After reading the reviews of all four electric fillet knives, you must be knowing or having the idea that which electric cordless knife is best for you, as the name suggests ”electric knife” that somewhere means the power does all the work for you. But you need to look for the best according to your preference and pocket.

Go for the electric fillet knife just as long as you have a way of powering it while using a knife. It would be best if you considered buying an electric fillet knife from our top 4 preferences. Best electric fillet knives are available mainly in medium size as they are known to be very versatile and can be used for different purposes.

Buying Guide For Cordless Fillet Knives 2021

An electric fillet knife is super handy and it is useful when doing heavy duty work such as slicing big chunks of fish meat, and so on.

If you are confused about whether to engage yourself in fishing or professionally, no matter what, this knife will be your best friend wherever you go. There are numerous products available in the market, claiming that they are best. The buyer often gets confused about which product to purchase out of the countless available.

This article will consider some main factors before deciding on buying an electric fillet knife. It will guide you to choose the right product that will fulfill your needs and leave you satisfied.

Flexibility –

This is a significant decision to be made and to look for while considering buying an electric knife as we need to consider the flexibility of the blade. And you are already aware that filleting is a delicate task. Therefore you need a more flexible and comfortable knife, which is more convenient for the whole filleting process, and more precision is achieved.

Cordless Electric knives are known for their flexibility than an ordinary fillet knife. But the degree of its flexibility depends on the use of the blade. You should consider the purchase of a flexible electric fillet knife to have a better experience.

Quality of the knife and strength of the blade –

This is the second important factor you must consider before buying electric cordless fillet knives. Knives that have high-quality carbon stainless steel blades are regarded as high grade and are said to be healthy, durable, strong, and flexible. If you get a good quality electric fillet knife, you will enjoy cutting the meat equally.

A blade made up of low quality can break anytime while working because of heavy-duty tasks, but buying an electric fillet knife of the right quality blade can withstand even the most gigantic fish or a strong cutting force. So before buying an electric knife, consider and check the quality to get the best knife suited for you.

Size of the blade –

This, too, is a crucial factor that needs to be considered while buying electric fillet knives. An electric cordless fillet knife comes in various ranges of sizes, depending on the particular knife’s usage and what is to be filleted. Small-sized electric fillet knives are flexible and give a precise cut, so they are ideal for small fishes. They can be easily carried anywhere you go.

But if you are a professional angler, consider buying an electric knife which does all the heavy-duty work as large blade knives are suitable for such tasks as they have the full area. Therefore, set no standards, rather depend on the blade’s size and according to your usage.

Grip –

This is also an essential factor as grip determines the force you’ll be holding the knife or putting the strength or power on your electric fillet knife to cut the fish. Look for a fillet knife with a comfortable grip with an ergonomic handle that will enable you to use your full strength while skinning or deboning your meal. Such factors are necessary to consider as they will go in the long run when buying an electric fillet knife.

Determine your stage of satisfaction on the usage, and it will help you put your hands on the best electric fillet knife for you.

Power of battery –

Cordless, electric, and the knives which use battery are an all-time favorite of some users than few who prefer the manual knives that are old fashioned. You must consider using the blade as the powered knives are suitable for commercial purposes where speed is the main motive; hence, you’ll be only slowing your tasks if you use a regular manual knife.

Consider buying an electric cordless knife that uses power. Though they are not easy to maintain at the same time, they are far much better than a regular knife as a manual knife won’t be able to do the heavy-duty tasks.

On the other side, the cordless, electric knives are very much suitable for heavy-duty jobs, and whenever you want, you can charge them, and some of the best branded electric knives get charged in less than 30 minutes. Cordless electric knives are ideal for remote areas.

Weight of the knife –

The knife’s weight is also an essential factor as it is directly proportional to the size of the knife. If you use a more thick blade, it would weigh more than a thinner one. Hence it would not be convenient for daily use. The best electric fillet knives to go for are the silverware with a delicate and flexible, lightweight blade, which will ease your work.

Type of handle an electric fillet knife should have –

The handle of the knife is also an essential factor to consider while purchasing an electric fillet knife. The handle of a knife is equally important as it determines the comfort level, and the grip determines the speed of your filleting. Therefore, it is essential to go for the best fishing knife that is easy to use and handle and that doesn’t tire your hands.

There are different knives made with other materials, prefer rubber handles as it gives you a better grip and you will be easily holding your knife. It is good that meanwhile, considering this factor, always go for flexible handles. We would suggest you not shop for fancy designs as they are just there for looks and do not work well and can strain your hands and fingers. Instead, use high-quality electric knives with a good handle as it will be comfortable for you to use them and enjoy slicing and cutting the fish when appropriately held.


There are different types of electric fillet knives available in the market. It is essential to have a better understanding of which electric knife is of your preference and which one you should put your hands onto. If you are a professional fisherman, it would narrow your perspective and help you find the best electric fillet knife according to the size of your species’ size.

Go for the electric fillet knife just as long as you have a way of powering it while using a knife. You should consider buying an electric fillet knife from our top 4 preferences. The best electric fillet knives are available, particularly in medium size, as they are known to be very versatile and can be used for different purposes.

You must consider all the above factors if you want your hands to get laid on your desired products as these electric knives are handy for heavy-duty work and also can be used daily. You will enjoy using different types of cordless electric fillet knives.

As this article has provided you with the full-fledged knowledge of using and the features of all the electric fillet knives, so go ahead and make a choice. You will not regret buying any of the products as these products, as mentioned above, guarantee value for your money and are also durable, comfortable, and easy to use. Each one has two years of warranty and comes with a case to keep your knife safely.
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