Light and Fast: Mobile Public Land Hunting Tips

Scouting, shed hunting, and backyard bow-shooting are common deer hunting techniques that aren’t too early to begin. But, even if the hunting season can be long, start your public-land hunting tricks with winters turning to spring.

So now is the best time to start with a mobile mindset and testing lightweight gears. Remember that planning can be a total game-changer, especially when you’re hunting on the ever-changing public land conditions. This article gets you some light and fast mobile public land hunting tips. Keep reading.

Public land scouting tips

Choosing hunting public lands

Generally, availability and access are the two major deciding factors. You need to have deer around to hunt (resources and destinies). Moreover, there should be land enough to make you feel like there are many good spots. You even need tags in your pocket, over the counter, or draw.

So, once all this is squared away, you can hit the OnX. Then, start dissecting the maps to find the best hunting locations. Usually, these places are far from big towns and roads and places. But, they must also have sufficient resources for deer to stay and roam around.

The best way to scout public land

Best can be pretty subjective and tough to define. Hunters have found that different techniques are fit for different situations. But, the trail cam data is large. When the bucks shift their ranges, and the velvet comes off, one can expect cams. It is the season of September.

Further, another important part is boots-on-the-ground scouting. It can be post-season, pre-season, and during the season. These help hunters draw a bigger picture of the patterns and life of a whitetail and so are valuable.

Bonus tip: You shouldn’t overlook lands owned by the local government bodies. Even school districts, states, cities, and counties own good hunting lands. Simply because they are not so well-known, these public hunting lands are less pressured.

Looking for specific things while scouting

If there are trail cameras, a ton of stands, or foot traffic, you can look for better things. However, if these things aren’t there, you can look for signs. A good idea is big rubs. These always indicate some big bucks in the area around. Yet, expert hunters give more weightage to food sources and scrapes.

It is better to begin with desk research and locate your secret spots for deer hunting. Apart from that, check how you can access your public hunting land and how much weight to trim.

The stand locations you’re looking for

Hub Scrapes, Creek Crossings, and Doe bedding are some of the stand locations. You can listen to the podcast series titled “Public Pins” to know more. So, saddle hunters usually hang about trees.

They do not look for an easy tree but the one that brings them an easy deer shot. A tree has a fork of around twelve to fifteen feet in height and is excellent for concealment. Moreover, you can select a deer attractant to make your hunt easier.

Hanging cameras on public ground

The topmost suggestion of expert hunters- Hang them high! They say around six cameras can be stolen in a month. So, one needs to be cautious. You can even look down at the trails or hang these cameras at 45 degrees angle.

The angle is always advantageous. It is because the trigger never activates the dead center. So, there’s a perfect blend of not spooking deers with the camera in their sightline and catching it. At the same time, you aren’t missing an animal because of the ninety-degree trail of the camera it passed on.

Hunting public ground other than private ground

Since every piece of ground is different, hunters should treat it accordingly. However, this factor is not very important. When compared to the daily habits of deer, private or public ground don’t matter much.

Some hunters travel a lot to several states and hunt public land. The hunt stops are hard, which means one needs to be aggressive whenever it is required. It is known as being Knowlegdeably aggressive. One can make the right moves using all the trail cameras, scouting, hunting, and weather data.

If you’re hunting, you need to do it for the correct reasons. Hunting is meant to be fun and is cool. The way expert hunters do it is remarkable, yet they do it only for leisure. The deer found in public land is fantastic. So, keep hunting for whatever you have available around.

Also, check out the best deer hunting accessories to make the process quicker and more worth your time. At the end of the season, you do not get any Style Points. So, hunt for all that makes you happy.

Camouflage with the surroundings

If you become one with your surroundings, it is even more advantageous for a hunter. For beginners, it is a key requirement. Those who want to set up a close-range ambush must learn how to vanish virtually. Minimize the movement and become a part of the environment.

You can use the surrounding saplings to construct a makeshift blind. Fallen logs, newly-cut branches, loose vegetation, and boulders can help you disappear. If you need to prepare a setup, ensure plenty of cover on each side, behind you, and even in front.

Full-surround cover lets you get away with subtle head and hand movements when scanning for deer. It also makes it easier to come to full draw with a vertical bow or aim a rifle or crossbow undetected.

Utilize barriers

Choose locations where the deer is in your front whenever you’re setting ambush points on the ground level. It sounds obvious. But, you need to be really careful. Otherwise, any deer can creep in from an unexpected angle.

Whitetails will not follow the hunter script, and that’s obvious. Also, big bucks pop up from areas you least expect as they are notorious. If a bug sneaks from your behind, it will catch you off guard. Further, such deer can even wind you before you can pull out a shot or see them.

So, here’s the trick. You need to prevent the deer from getting before you the wrong way round. It should not bust you or travel through areas that prevent good shots or reduce them significantly.


Whether you’re hunting on a public or private deer spot, always keep a positive attitude. It is irreplaceable. So, never give up before your deer hunt is over. Set the camera at the correct angle, choose the right signs, and stay patient for the best results.

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