The Importance Of Knives In The Kitchen

Cooking is an art; We have often heard the same statement back to back. Didn’t we? But what makes us the artist, of course a knife is that special tool that makes us become an artist of the art called cooking. A knife is the heart of a kitchen. It doesn’t matter whether you are slicing a tomato, a potato, or any other vegetable or fruit.

A good knife is your companion for a lot of time, but its companionship depends upon the choice you have made while selecting the blade. To make out a perfect dish, you need three main ingredients: fresh ingredients, the recipe, and the tools required to make that, and the foremost tool is a knife, without which any task of cooking can’t be completed. What to speak of achieving, it can’t be started even. Especially having a sharper knife in the kitchen gives you more control on the proper cutting, chopping of fruits and vegetables.

Before getting further to know more about the importance of knives in the kitchen, we should see the composition of a chef’s knife so that we can properly appreciate the importance of the knives in the kitchen.


A chef knife consists of a bolster. The thickened part of the knife’s blade that goes into the handle is known as a bolster. The bolster acts as a balance point when we are talking about the chef’s knife as that point is kept in mind while doing slicing, chopping, cutting, etc. This bolster is a point on which your fingers rest, so it needs to be blunted.


The top edge of the blade is called back. Some knives have a narrow end that makes it quite useful for thin slicing, etc. But the feature of a good chef knife is that it has a broader and flat back that gives a hand extra stability and ease.


knife tang refers to the exact style in which the blade is crafted that goes inside the handle of a knife. Cheaper knives usually come with a separate blade and separate tang that makes it worst to handle when you are in need of that.


The material with which the knife handle is made is also very essential when it comes to choosing out the best chef’s knife. Knife handle can be made out of various materials like from hard rubber to many other plastics and polymers.

knife handle
The knife handle should be such that it can fit comfortably in your hand. To get a perfect grip knife, you should take care that the handle is perfectly knurled or grooved.


This is the essential part of a blade as this is the part that chops or cuts down the ingredients present. It’s recommended to have a steel razor that makes the razor harder and durable with more sharpness to precisely cut the given ingredients. Generally, there are two main kinds of knives materials that are used:

1.Stainless steel 2.carbon steel.

Stainless steel serves as a good option as it won’t undergo rusting even when exposed to rough surroundings. It is also very durable and can be used regularly and will also last for a longer time. The downside of the steel loses its sharpness faster as compared to carbon steel.

Carbon steel has more extended durability when it comes to the edge of the knife, but at the same time, it also requires a lot of maintenance like proper cleansing, a coating that will prevent the rust like that of stainless steel.

Why Are Knives So Important?

After discussing the above part that made everything clear about the composition of the knives, it would have become much more comfortable now to comprehend the importance of knives in the kitchen. Let’s look at some of the most significant points about the importance of a knife in the kitchen.

  1. Gives you a faster speed:

    When you have a knife with you in the kitchen, you complete the task at a faster rate. The knife allows you to cut down the fruits, veggies, or any other ingredient cut easily so that you can have all the ingredients make a nicely flavored dish and that too much faster than making it without a knife.


  3. It gives you the exact precision to cut it:

    Every dish has a different texture, and apart from spices, it’s the ingredients majorly that makes the plate go perfect. A knife allows you to take all the credits for an excellent taste. You can cut all the ingredients with much-required precision. For example, there is a dish that needs to have coriander to be chopped much thinner and finer than the tomatoes. A knife will allow you to do that with accuracy to make your dish super-awesome.

  4. Gives you more control over the taste:

    A knife is a magic wand in the hand of a cook; if you want to give your cooking five stars rating than you should be very much serious about the quality of the knife you are using because that makes you give the finite cut to all ingredients to eventually give more control over the taste of the dish that you are going to make.

  5. Makes your dish much more creative:

    You can always make the plate look more creative and can also make your children loves veggies as a knife can cut the veggies in any creative figures. Let your kids get the full nutrition by being more creative towards the approach of making a dish by using a perfect knife.

    This doesn’t end the importance of a knife in the kitchen. Instead, the significance goes on and on. One should make sure he uses a good quality brand knife to make the most out of a knife. Frankly speaking, besides a perfect chef is an excellent knife.


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