What Is The Utility Knife Used For

A utility knife that is longer than the paring knife is also commonly known as an all-purpose knife because of its wide variety of uses worldwide. They are also referred to as sandwich knives, due to their distinctive blade style, which is serrated and straight. The length of the utility knife lies between 4-7 inches generally.

The utility knife serves as a beautiful multi-purpose tool having unbeatable and countless utilities all around. The blade present in the utility knife is a retractable one that means it can be folded simultaneously. This makes it even much more comfortable to carry it that too in a limited space available.

A paring knife and utility knife generally serves as the friend in the kitchen. The utility knife besides just to be used in the kitchen and cutting those boxes or carton have a lot of significant utilities as the name itself suggests. The utility knife was discovered after a paring knife and is more commonly and preferably used over paring knives due to its broad, diversified uses.

The trend for the utility knives came nearly in the late twenties, and to use it to its fullest extent, one should know some of the significant purposes for which the utility knife is used for.

The purpose of utility knives are as follows:


  1. You Can Remove Paint-Covered Screws

    It’s quite common that while painting the house, screws get too painted in the same color, and hence it becomes complicated to distinguish between the screws and the wall. This makes the screws appear after a particular time, maybe, while we are doing the dustings and cleansing of the house. You need not worry about removing the screws, as a utility knife eases the task over here.

    You need to scrape out the paint from the middle and corner portions of the screw and then place the utility knife in the correct position in the screw to twist and remove the screw out of the wall. You have to make sure that you remove all the paint from inside and outside of the screw to make sure that the screw is removed quickly.

  2. Sharpening Pencils

    This one is relatively uncommon, but the truth is that utility knives can be used for sharpening the pencils too quickly. This is much of the best knife for one who is an artist. The sharpeners sharpen the pencils just in one direction, making it quite challenging to get the different pointed pencils out of the one ordinary pencils.

    sharpening pencils
    The utility knife can quickly fulfill this task as they will give you other parameters to sharpen out your pencil in any pointed way you want so that you can get the perfect picture out on the canvass.

  3. You Can Slice Of Old Carpets

    Good quality carpets make your home look much more beautiful and attractive, but when they start turning old and worn off, it makes it quite challenging for your heart to throw away that beautiful carpet out of your home.

    you can slice of old carpets
    Utility knife gives you a better option to work with your old carpets. You can easily cut the old rug and can make up a scratching post for your kitty or your dog, or you can also try making up a foot mat for yourself.

  4. Stripping Wires

    Every time you do any electrician work, no matter how much minor it is, it is likely confirmed that you will need something to strip the wires. Utility knives just works equally best as the wire strippers do. You have to only apply a Lil bit of pressure over the jacket of the wire to scrap it off from the wire.

    A utility knife will entirely strip it off without causing you any loss of the wire present inside, but you need to make sure that you handle the wire in the right position to confirm that only the jacket has been stripped off. You can google out the correct way to strip the wires.

  5. Carving The Wood Out

    Whether you are an artist or not, at some point in life, it becomes quite necessary and enjoyable to take that hidden artist out from inside. You can have your wood carving correctly and accurately done with the help of a utility knife.

    You can access Google to read out some excellent articles to know how you can carve out the wood entirely just by using a utility knife. You will also be needing blocks, pencils, and wood stain to make the carve look pretty.

  6. Cutting The Rigid Foam Board

    You will be using a circular saw or jigsaw for cutting the foam boards, but they make pout a lot of noise and mess. You can instead have utility knives do that task for you. Utility knives perfectly cuts the rigid foam board without creating much noise and chaos. You can easily use these knives, especially when the thickness is just upto 2 inches.

    For the consistency beyond that, you need to dive the blade much more in-depth and cut along the fine, straight line to make a clear cut on the foam board.

  7. Cutting Fruits And Vegetables

    Besides the utilities mentioned above, a utility knife is also an expert in the kitchen. You can easily peep of the mid-sized fruits and vegetables like potatoes, bananas, apples, cucumber, small winter squash, etc.

  8. Slicing Cheese

    Not only children but adults are too fond of cheese. With a utility knife, you can anytime make that perfect topping cheesy by slicing the cheese with it. You can easily cut the big chunks of cheese with utility knives very comfortably.

  9. Cutting Meat

    you will find utility knife work the best for you when you want to cut meat. Whether its pepperoni, salami, small fish fillets, or chicken breast, you can have this knife work the best for you.

  10. Slicing Sandwiches

    You might be using that sizeable serrated knife or chef knife to cut the sandwiches. Instead, it would help if you tried using a utility knife that makes it much comfortable and more accessible to slice the sandwiches into perfect pieces.


Whether you are a chef, electrician, plumber, or just an householder, utility knife is the must-have knife for you. These were just few among the large no. of utility mentioned for a utility knife. This knife will make all your tasks much easier to perform.

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